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About Us

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Our promise to you!

We just LOVE to put a smile on your face! We know that your photo prints mean so much more to you than ink on paper. They hold your most cherished memories and you trust us to handle them with SUPER care. That’s why we promise to make Super Snaps one of your best ever online shopping experiences. Whether you want to print your photos online from Instagram, Facebook or your device we promise to give you the best quality, service, price and shopping experience. We know that's a big promise but if you check out our Trustpilot reviews you'll see why we’re so confident. If we ever fall short we want you to shout "Hey, Super Snaps... You promised!"

Our History

Now the only official reseller of Polaroid Prints in the UK and Europe, Super Snaps started out as Square Snaps in 2014 - a quick and easy online photo printing service from London (no change there then ;). Our cute square photo prints and retro prints were perfect for your Instagram pictures and we soon became LOVED by all you social photo snappers, including quite a few well-known celebs we might add! But you Square Snappers still wanted more! More personalisation of your photos using shapes, borders, patterns, frames and accessories, delivered in the same super easy way. So, while it was hip to be square (see what we did there?!) we rebranded and launched Super Snaps in 2017 to give you more creativity across an awesome range of photo prints and photo gifts. 

So, now you can order your photo prints online in (take a deep breath): classic and mini Polaroid prints, mini, standard and super sizes, square or rectangular shapes, with standard or retro borders in classic white, timeless black or whatever colours or patterns that take your fancy in gloss or matt finishes. And you can add a caption to each of your retro and Polaroid prints. Did we mention we're the only official reseller of Polaroid Prints in the UK and Europe? Yep, you're going to love them!

We help you reclaim the physical from the digital!

Super Snaps is based in the heart of London with amazing state-of-the-art photo printing and finishing equipment. We partner with the leading global logistics companies to ensure your orders are delivered super speedy and in one piece anywhere in the World. Remember, we are here to help you reclaim the physical from the digital! So, don’t just store your pictures away in a digital vault, they should be held in your hands, pinned-up on your walls and celebrated in all their SUPER glory! Check out our Trustpilot


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