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Behind the Masks Campaign

HEROES are on a mission to support the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19, and here at Super Snaps we wanted to help in any way possible. We're immensely appreciative of our NHS and the amazing people who are saving lives every day. These HEROES are spending 18 hour shifts stuck behind PPE equipment, anonymous to all. We wanted to bring a face and name to the people behind the masks, so we’ve created our HEROES Polaroid Prints to allow frontline staff to upload their photos which can then be worn as prints on the outside of their PPE suits. We hope this will bring comfort to those being cared for, and help NHS staff to feel seen behind their masks. These prints are FREE for NHS staff - please email with the number of prints you need to receive your FREE prints code.
Help Them Help Us message - NHS HEROES
Want to help?
Visit the HEROES website
Whether you own a company that can help provide a service or wish to donate to the HEROES fundraiser, you can find more information on the HEROES website.
See how you can help...
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HEROES Polaroid Prints

Prints for NHS HEROES
3.46 in x 4.13 in
Minimum number: 12
$ 15.99 $ 1.34 / extra print
My name is...
These HEROES Polaroid Prints include a ‘Hi, my name is’ message and line for each person to add their own name.
FREE for NHS Staff
All over the world, people have banded together to support one another in these uncertain times. With these Polaroid Prints, we hope to allow frontline NHS workers to feel that they are still seen as people behind their PPE suits as they fight to keep us all safe. These snaps are FREE for NHS Staff - please email with the number of photos you need to receive your free code.
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NHS HEROES product page list image

HEROES Polaroid Prints

Prints for NHS HEROES
FREE for NHS staff
3.46 in x 4.13 in
Min. number of prints: 12
$ 15.99 $ 1.34 Extra print
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