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Postcards with a crisp border!

Postcards are the perfect way to share your moments in the real world - get that old school, pre-Insta vibe! Our bordered postcards are standard postcard size with a 3mm white border around your image. We print on a thick 350GSM card to give your postcards a solid and robust feel. Choose whether you want a gloss or matt finish to protect your perfect prints.
Shipping & Packaging
Our Postcards with borders are a standard 6 x 4 inch size making them perfect for sticking a stamp on and dropping in the mail! We use a premium 350 GSM photo card stock.
We use DHL Express Shipping (2-3 working days) for the US, UK Royal Mail (1-2 working days) for the UK, and offer great rates on super speedy tracked services for Europe and the rest of the World.
Your pack of postcards are stacked and wrapped then put in our crazy space age envelopes! Whichever quantity you order, we’ll make sure that it’s securely packaged so it arrives at its destination safe, sound and most importantly, super!
Customise your postcards!
Our bordered postcards come with a 3mm white border, perfectly framing your photos.
Our postcards come with a standard postcard layout on the back, giving you neat little lines to hand write an address, stamp and message.
All our postcards are finished in a high quality laminate - choose from our silky smooth matte or our more traditional shiny gloss finish. This will also protect your photos in the mail!
Postcard Packs with Pizzazz!
Our postcards pack some pizzazz! Whether you are sharing special moments with loved ones, doing a bit of scrapbooking or just wanting to scribble notes on the back of your photos, you and anyone you choose to share your postcards with will love them!

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Make your photos stand out with our Postcards with Border - the border will act as the perfect frame for those awesome print-worthy memories. Our Postcards have the traditional template on the back, with lines on the right for your recipient’s address and a box for a stamp, and then a few lines on the left for you to add your own message! Their 350 GSM photo card stock means they’re sturdy and safe to send in the mail, and their 6 x 4 size means they fit perfectly in photo albums and frames too if some of your memories are just too precious to part with!

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